Hot News :: Web Security and Defacement

(If you are still using the conventional Web servers, such as Apache, IIS etc, you maybe the next victim...)

[11.08.2007] MySpace Hacked, Exploits Target Alicia Keys' Page And Others
[09.21.2007] Exploiting Web 2.0: The Barbarians Inside the Firewall, Gartner predicts that by the end of 2007, 75 percent of enterprises will be infected...
[08.12.2007] Hackers protest US, Israeli actions on UN website
[06.27.2007] Microsoft Defaced, again!   [05.03.2007] Bill Gates Defaced!
[06.22.2007] 4000 compromised sites deliver the malicious code, Porn sites serve up Mpack attacks
[06.21.2007] New web threats gain momentum, 10,000 new web pages are infected every day
[02.17.2007] Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission's website attacked!
[02.12.2007] 'Fortress' security is medieval. Bill Gates derided the idea about perimeter defense..